Indian adoptee finds twin birth brother

An Indian-Swedish adoptee recently found her twin birth brother. This was Kiran Gustafsson third visit to India. The first two times, in 2000 and 2005, produced no results for her birth family. After much perseverance, independent searching, and help from local authorities, Kiran was able to find her twin.

About finding her brother, on the fifth day of her stay in Surat, she said, “In the last 33 years of my life, this is the best birthday gift that I got from God. I came to Surat in search of my mother and found my brother just a couple of days before my birthday. I am speechless.”

When The Sunday Express met her on Saturday, after she met her brother again at the hotel, she said, “It was like time had stopped. I was in the seventh heaven. It was like blood in my body was in search of same blood he had. I can say that it was union of blood. We shared our experiences and our life. He inquired about my foster parents. It was unforgettable. We sought blessings of his father too. On Saturday, he came to my hotel and I told him my visa expired on Sunday and I would come back and we both would look for our mother.”

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