Birthland Tours

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Come see the beauties of Korea in 2019 with AdopteeBridge!

AdopteeBridge offers birthland tours in the Summer and Fall and is honored to share the wonders of Korea with adoptees and their families. Our staff has years of experience supporting Korean adoptees and their families. Bridge to Korea staff understands the unique needs of this community. Our expertise will introduce travelers to Korean culture, adoption history, the beauties of Korea, and much more. We are ready to introduce adoptees to their birthland.




AdopteeBridge offers a mentorship program for adopted youth and adult adoptees. Making connections at a young age with peers who are adopted, as well as spending time with adult adoptees can make a difference in the life of an adoptee!

Resource Center

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Our Resource Center offers various support and education services and discussion groups for adult adoptees and adoptive parents. Soon, we will offer resources including an online database of adoption-competent mental health referrals, adoption camps, and language resources.


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AdopteeBridge is currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit. However, as we currently do not have the official status, for the time-being, all donations presented to AdopteeBridge will be given as a “gift” and will not be tax deductible.   

When AdopteeBridge receives non-profit status, all supporters will be informed directly.