Birthland tour
Birthland tour
Birthland tour
  • What is the connection between the staff and your birth country, and to adoptions specifically related to your birth country?

  • What knowledge and experience do tour staff have specific to your birth country culture, and to the complex history of adoptions and post adoption from your birth country?

  • Have tour staff been a participant before on this tour? What has been their experience?

  • What specific kind of support will be available to you from tour staff AND the organization before, during, and after travel? While support before and during the tour is important, keep in mind support received AFTER the tour is also very important.

  • What relationships do tour staff have with the post adoption/adoption agencies in your birth country?

  • What kind of adoption & post adoption-related activities will be part of the tour  itinerary? Is there are balance/variety of activities?

  • Does the tour agenda allow for free time? Adoptee-only activities? Who will facilitate these activities? What qualifications do those who facilitate have to lead these activities?

  • How does the tour organization connect with the different travelers--adoptees, adoptive families, spouses, children of adoptees, etc.? Are all groups addressed in pre-tour preparation and in the tour itinerary?

  • What is the average age of adoptees who travel on the tour? As an adoptee, is it important for you to travel with your peers, older adoptees, younger adoptees, etc.? As an adoptive family member, how important is it for you to have other adoptive parents/family members on the tour?

  • Financially—what is included in the tour? Are there any hidden fees not disclosed?

(Some questions provided in consultation with Merrily Sadlovsky, MSW, LICSW, LCSW of Adoptee Connections)