OurRoots is AdopteeBridge's mentorship program for youth adoptees (7-17) and their adult mentors (ages 21+) . We welcome all adoptees--international or domestic!

Mission: OurRoots offers transracial and transnational adoptees a supportive, fun group setting which allows them to explore their identity and adoption journeys. Our philosophy emphasizes a supportive group setting—with adult adoptees and friends of the adoptee community volunteering as positive mentors and role models.


  • To provide a space for adoptees ages 7-17 to participate in activities and discussions in a group setting with positive adult adoptee mentors and friends of the adoptee community.

  • Offer a variety of programs and activities planned specifically towards the adoption community in an effort to discuss identity, adoption, and strengthening our community and ourselves as adoptees

  • To create a welcoming community for any adoptee

  • To have fun!

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Core Values:

  • Empowerment
    OurRoots is committed to empowering young adoptees to embrace their background and heritage.

  • Support
    OurRoots strives to engage adopted youth and surround them with adult adoptees and friends of the adoption community in order to encourage the youth to understand, feel, and question their emotions in a safe and inclusive environment.
    We also understand the importance of supporting adoptive family members. Thus, beginning in Spring 2019, we will offer an adoptive family member group simultaneously as OurRoots.

  • Commitment
    OurRoots is committed to promote positive, lasting relationships/friendships and instill confidence and self-esteem.

  • Connections
    OurRoots' goal is to provide opportunities for adopted youth to interact not only with their culture, but other cultures, and connections with other adoptees.
    We also hope adoptive family members will find connections with others through our adoptive family member group—OurFamily.


OurRoots is a group program which meets one Saturday per month in two sessions--Fall and Spring. Adult mentors and youth mentees participate in various fun activities to strengthen their relationships and encourage discussion and positive self-esteem. 

At the end of each session, there will be a group discussion with topics ranging from identity, connections to birthland, Q&A with adult mentors, etc.

Starting in the Spring 2019 Session, we will start offering a family group session—OurFamily. This group is open to all family members connected to adoption (parents, grandparents, siblings, partners/spouses). The group will meet on the Saturdays when OurRoots activities take place (either on or offsite). It will be facilitated by an licensed social worker.

  • Families must submit a $50 registration fee (per family) at the time of registration. The registration fee is only due once, per school year.

  • A participation fee of $200 per mentee is required per session (Fall: September-December / Spring: February-May). This will cover the cost of four (4) activities/events.

Spring 2019 Session:

  • February: February 16th—mentor-led self-defense

  • March: March 16th—Leonardo’s Basement

  • April: April 13th—TBD

  • May: May 18th—scavenger hunt at Como Park

If you would like to learn more about the program, please fill out one of the forms, below, and AdopteeBridge will contact you!

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