To support transnational and transracial adoptees as they explore their identity, birthland, and adoption stories. 

Vision & Purpose

To be the bridge helping adoptees make connections to their birthland.

We will do this through the following actions:

·       To support transracial adoptees and adoptive families research adoptees’ heritage, identity, and adoption stories

·       To continue education of the adoptee community and public regarding adoption-related topics

·       To foster a supportive community amongst transracial adoptees, their family, friends, and community


  • Commitment: AdopteeBridge is committed to supporting adoptees in their search for answers about their birth heritage & culture, birthland, and adoption story.

  • Respect: AdopteeBridge treats everyone—adoptees, birth family, foster family, adoptive family, and community members, with the utmost dignity and respect. We honor the sacred and personal stories of each client by adhering to the strictest confidentiality.

  • Support: AdopteeBridge strives to surround transracial adoptees in a caring, inclusive environment and provide them with adoption-competent resources.

  • Compassion: AdopteeBridge's services are rooted in compassion. Services based in compassion make a difference in the lives of our clients.

  • Transparency: AdopteeBridge shares with clients throughout the process of delivering services via honest, clear, straightforward, and timely communication.