ESWS Language & Culture Program


ESWS's Korean Language and Culture Program partners with Hallym University in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. 

Adoptees will take extensive Korean language classes, while participating in various field trips and cultural activities. At Hallym University, adoptees will be guided by a Korean student and join international students as they learn about the Korean university experience. They will also have the opportunity to volunteer at some of ESWS's social service programs including Eastern Babies Home with babies who have been placed for adoption and Seodaemun Community Center with senior citizens.

Tuition, accommodations, the majority of activities, some meals, and in-country transportation is covered by the scholarship. The main expense adoptees will need to cover is the round-trip international airfare to/from South Korea. 

Dates of the program are arrival: June 25 or June 26 to departure: July 26 or July 27. 

In order to apply, adoptees must be 18+ and have graduated high school. Adoptees from any Korean adoption agency may apply, though ESWS adoptees and first time applicants will have first priority. 

Here is a testimony from an adoptee who previously participated in the ESWS Language and Culture Program!

The ESWS Language and Culture Program was a wonderful experience for me. I was not only able to connect with Korean adoptees from all over the US, but Australia as well. We participated in various service activities (some adoption-related and some not) which I really enjoyed. The Language and Culture Program at Hallym University in Chuncheon was a great experience as well. I met so many people from all over the world who were interested in learning Korean and about the culture for a wide variety of reasons. I learned so much and made so many unforgettable memories with amazing people. I really made some lifelong connections that I never would have been able to without this program. It gave me a taste of what living in Korea could be like, and I was able to get a different perspective of Korea than I would get being a tourist. I am forever thankful to the ESWS Language and Culture Program for providing me with this incredible opportunity!

Sadly, this is the last year Hallym will be coordinating this program, so don't miss out--contact us, today, to apply!