"Running Home"

Sahrawi adoptee, Inma Zanoguera, was adopted with her two older siblings by a Spanish family when she was three-years-old. As she learned more about her birth family, heritage, and birthmother's homeland, she learned about the Sahara Marathon. Read more about Zanoguera's story at this link. 

Zanoguera completed the Sahara Marathon with a time of 3:48:11, to finish in first place. As part of her trip, she is staying with Sahrawi refugee families to connect with her birthland. Zanoguera wanted to experience firsthand what kind of life her birth mother led before emigrating to Spain and sadly passing away. “I kind of wanted to sweep all of that under the rug, and of course that works for a while,” Ms. Zanoguera said before the race. “But then you realize that there’s another part of who you are.” (toledoblade.com)

A documentary is currently in the works about Zanoguera, her preparation for the marathon--both physical and mental, and her journey back home. We'll keep you all up-to-date as more news is shared regarding the progress of "Running Home: a Documentary."