Andrea "Andy" Marra: Korean American adoptee and leader in LGBTQI advocacy


Andrea "Andy" Marra is well-known nationwide in the LGBTQI and Asian American communities for her work and advocacy with and for the LGBTQI community.  She has found by sharing her story, it carries the power to move and inspire. Her professional career has been dedicated to "progressive advocacy, particularly at the intersections of social, racial, economic, and gender justice" ( 

In an exciting announcement, made in early February, Ms. Marra announced she is running for a seat in the New York Senate. If she wins, she will be the first trans woman to be elected in the state and, if her bid is successful, she will also be the first Asian American elected to the New York State Senate. 

Ms. Marra has been interviewed and personally has shared her story, both as a trans woman and as a Korean adoptee. The following are links to some of the articles:
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Ms. Marra's official campaign website can be found at the following link.