Adoption Reunions: 5 Things I Have Learned As An Adoptee

Having realistic expectations and proper support before, during, and after an adoption reunion is crucial. Proper support may come in the form of family and friends, or you may find you need further support coming from professional resources--a therapist or social worker for therapy. Some individuals find outside of therapy sessions, physical activity may be a good way to handle the various emotions that come with an adoption reunion. Whether it be going for a long run, yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation. 

Nevertheless, it's important to have both realistic expectations and proper support when facing an adoption reunion. An adoption reunion doesn't have to be only with a birth family member. We acknowledge how important a birth family is; however, a reunion or meeting with anyone involved with an adoptee's story/background can be an emotional experience--foster family member, intake social worker, child care social worker, orphanage caregiver, finder, birth clinic doctor, etc. 

Here's an excellent article from the Huffington Post which discusses Adoption Reunions: