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Thank you for your support of Adoptee Bridge. Your donation is appreciated.

In addition to financial contributions via the link below, please also consider a non-cash donation per our current Needs List so that we can reach out and serve broadly and effectively!


Current Needs List:

  • Color printer & scanner

  • Color printer toner

  • Scanner

  • Gas cards (gift cards) 

  • Printer Paper

  • Weekly meeting space for 15-20 with white board

  • Craft supplies (new) 

  • Office supplies

  • Camera

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AdopteeBridge is currently in the process of becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit. However, as we currently do not have the official status, for the time-being, all donations presented to AdopteeBridge will be given as a “gift” and will not be tax deductible.  

All proceeds will go directly towards the various programs of AdopteeBridge. These proceeds will not go to AdopteeBridge LLC which is a separate for-profit company and manages the Birthland Tours. 

Coming in 2018, as soon as AdopteeBridge receives non-profit status, all supporters will be informed directly.