Who are the counselors?

Counselors are adoptees or friends of the adoptee community who are 21+. They will have gone through an application/interview process, along with background check and training, prior to the beginning of OurRoots Camp. Counselors may be from local adoption camps or may be current mentors from AdopteeBridge’s OurRoots Mentorship Program.

How can I apply to be a counselor?

Please contact mentorship@adopteebridge.org for more information and for an application.

Can I bring my iPhone/Game Boy/iPod/other electronic device to camp?

While we understand these items are important to pre-teen/teenagers, they deter from the community environment we stress and hope to foster. Therefore, we ask all electronic devices to remain at home. Upon camp check-in, counselors will be performing bag checks for any prohibited items.

We do encourage campers to bring digital cameras with them to document their memories!

How close is the nearest medical facility?

Please check back for more information—location is TBD.

Are there restrictions on what I can bring?

Besides electronic devices, we ask that you please refrain from bringing perfumes, colognes, after shave, body spray, hair spray, mists, scented lotions, etc. This is due to the increasing sensitivity to such items.

A packing list will be provided to you upon registration confirmation. In this packing list, there will be a list of other prohibited items.

What is the counselor to camper ratio?

The ratio will be 1 counselor for every 6-8 campers.

What is on the menu?

Fun food!
OurRoots camp is open to any international or domestic adoptee, so there will be no specific cultural menu. The theme for food will be “fun.” Lots of snacks will be provided and we can reassure you, campers (and counselors) will not go hungry.

If camp participants have dietary restrictions or needs (e.g. allergies, gluten/lactose intolerance, religious reasons), please contact AdopteeBridge and we are happy to discuss accommodations.

Can I request to room with my friend?

When filling out the camp registration form, there will be a space to request a friend whom you wish to room with. For flexibility in assigning cabins, we request you limit this to 1 friend.

What should I pack?

A packing list will be provided to you upon registration confirmation. However, be prepared to pack warm winter clothing! Also, prepare clothing you can wear in layers, as we will be doing activities both inside and outside.

Will we have any free time?

Yes! Each day, there is scheduled free time for small groups (cabins) to decide what activity they would like to do (discussion, games, etc.).

My child requires prescription medications. Can these be handled at camp?

Yes, we have a procedure for handling prescription medications. Please contact AdopteeBridge to discuss the particulars of your child’s medication needs.

How much does it cost?

A deposit of $50 is due at the time of registration. A final determination for the total camp fee will be posted in Fall 2019.