Staff are preparing a variety of activities to keep campers and counselors busy during this 3-day, 2-night camp! These activities will take place both indoors and outdoors—a unique Winter camp experience!


Winter Fun!

OurRoots Camp will occur in the middle of January—the perfect time for Winter activities! Camp Ihduhapi is the perfect area for fun activities such as sledding, broomball, Winter scavenger hunts, and much more!



“Creating Connections" is one of the themes of OutRoots Camp. Whether it’s renewing connections from a summer camp, or meeting new campers and counselors, OurRoots Camp will have fun, interactive activities to foster friendships. Activities will include relay races, large and small group discussions, photo scavenger hunt, a talent show, and much more!

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“Community” is another theme of OurRoots Camp. Community comes in the form of the friendships made between campers and also counselors. OurRoots Camp is a time for adoptees to spend time with one another—in a supportive environment, that continues connections past a summer camp atmosphere.

We acknowledge adoptive family members also need this support. So, we will have a parent education session on Friday evening, for those parents who wish to participate.