Do I need a visa to travel to Korea?

Only a valid U.S. passport is required to travel to South Korea. The U.S. passport must be valid 6 months beyond your intended stay.

AdopteeBridge will collect a copy of our passport because there will be some activities which will require submission of a valid passport prior to our departure to Korea (e.g. the Demilitarized Zone). 

When only one parent is traveling with a minor child, and the other parent is staying at home, it is highly recommended that the traveling parent bring a Power of Attorney with you. 

Do I need any special immunizations or vaccinations?

Neither the U.S. or Korean governments require any specific vaccinations for travel to Korea. It is recommended you consult with your primary care physician regarding any international travel. 

Are flights included in the tour package? 

We provide a Tour ONLY package and a Tour + Flight package. The Tour + Flight package includes round-trip airfare and insurance from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Incheon, South Korea--price will vary from other departing cities. 

Can I travel by myself?

Adoptees can most certainly travel alone. However, we highly recommend all adoptees travel with at least a close friend, family member, or significant other. Bridge to Korea birthland staff will do our best to support all adoptees, but traveling with someone who the adoptee knows may be especially helpful as you start on this potentially emotional journey. 

Am I required to purchase travel insurance?

Our Tour + Flight package includes travel insurance. With Tour ONLY package, insurance is not included. It is not required to travel, but it is advised. One company you may wish to look into is Travel Guard International--America's leading travel insurance company. Their website is: .

Is it okay if I register additional family members or friends later?

Yes! If a family member/friend registers later, please have them indicate the party with whom they are traveling. Please contact AdopteeBridge to discuss registration deadlines. 

I have mobility issues/a disability. How will you accommodate this during the trip?

Please communicate your needs for any special accommodations, etc. with our staff prior to departure, so we can prepare in advance. 

What do I do about my food allergy/dietary need while traveling?

Please communicate any and all food allergies or dietary restrictions to AdopteeBridge prior to departure for Korea. We have ample experience accomodating dietary and health needs during group travel.

What is the right age to travel on a birthland tour?

Many parents ask this question. It is certainly and important one, but frankly, it depends on the adoptee's physical and emotional readiness, and the extent to which they are epressing a desire and interest in traveling to Korea; it ultimately depends on the adoptee. For some adoptees, they have been talking about such a trip since they could talk. However, other adoptees are not ready until they are adults. 

What is the average age of a traveler on a birthland tour?

Bridge to Korea welcomes travelers of all ages, but adoptees should be over the age of 7. Keep in mind international travel, time difference, and tour itineraries are full of activities. Bridge to Korea staff is experienced working with adoptees of all ages, including adult adoptees who are now married and some who have traveled with their children.

On average, the general age of adoptee on a birthland tour tends to be 16-19 years of age.  

AdopteeBridge is not an adoption agency. Can you help me with post adoption services?

Yes! We can most certainly help you with post adoption services. We call these services--Post Adoption Pathways. Our staff have several years of experience assisting adoptees request these services and thoroughly understands past and present Korean adoption laws and policies. 

I am not from Minnesota/the Midwest. How will I make friends or receive support/stay in contact after the tour has concluded?

AdopteeBridge welcomes adoptees and their families from across the United States and the world! We have had adoptees and their families join our tour from not only Minnesota, but from the following states: Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennesee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C.

The community and relationships built during the tour, creates a life-long bond and several tour participants remain in contact after the tour—via social media, annual reunions, and much more. They don’t let distance deter them from maintaining these important friendships!