Dear Chingu Registration

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Dear Chingu Registration

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  • Participants (parent/guardian & adoptee) understand a total of 6 exchanges will be sent (3 from adoptee, 3 from student at partnering Korean school) per session (Session I: March-June; Session II: September-January)

  • AdopteeBridge will send approximate due dates of letter submission to the parent/guardian prior to the start of each session
    Parents/guardians and participants understand these are approximate due dates and may change, due to respective Korean schools schedules.

  • AdopteeBridge will facilitate the letter exchange process, so no contact information will be shared. All letter exchanges will take place via email communication.

  • Participants have the option to share first names, Korean names, city and state of residence, school attending, age and date of birth, and photographs/drawings. No other identifying information will be exchanged.

  • The majority of exchanges will occur via email; however, if the adoptee wishes to send a small gift to their chingu, they can send a gift to AdopteeBridge via postal mail, AdopteeBridge will agree to facilitate 1 gift exchange per session during AdopteeBridge’s bi-annual trips to Korea:

    • During Session I, AdopteeBridge will transport items in June/July (items must be received by AdopteeBridge no later than June 1st)

    • During Session II, AdopteeBridge will transport items in November (items must be received by AdopteeBridge no later than November 1st)

The adoptee will be responsible for purchasing the gift. There will be restrictions as to what items can be sent overseas and there is no guarantee the adoptee’s respective chingu will send a gift in return.

  • A small fee of $15 per session is required to cover the AdopteeBridge costs of editing, coordinating companion writers and ensuring safety of the participants*
    *If financial limitations should prevent you from participating, please contact us:

  • Upon completion of online registration, an email confirmation will be sent to family.


I hereby give permission for my child(ren) to participate in “Dear Chingu” facilitated by AdopteeBridge. I certify the information I have given is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand a commitment must be made for the entirety of a session (e.g. Session I (March-June); Session II (September-January)).

I understand and agree the identifying information I have selected may be released to the student/partnering school.  By signing this release, the staff member(s) and volunteers who supervise the “Dear Chingu” program are exempt from any liability.  

By signing below, I forfeit all right to bring a suit against AdopteeBridge and its members for any reason.  In return, I will receive participation in the AdopteeBridge “Dear Chingu” program.  I will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and as explained to me verbally.  I will ask for clarification when needed. I fully understand, and accept the above conditions and permit my child(ren) to participate in the “Dear Chingu” Program facilitated by AdopteeBridge.