Thank you for your interest in applying as a mentor for the Dear Chingu—Mentor-2-Mentee (M2M) Mentorship Program!


  1. Please carefully review the general guidelines

  2. After reviewing the general guidelines, please complete the application.

  3. Applications are accepted year-round.

  4. Once the application as been submitted, you will be contacted within 1-3 business days for a phone interview. If you are located internationally, please indicated in the comments section an alternative form of contact.

  5. After passing interview, you will be required to submit reference and background check information.

  6. Upon successful background and reference checks, mentor will submit bio and photo, and then wait for mentee match.

General Guidelines

  • Act as a role model and give guidance/mentorship for mentees ages 6-17—all of whom are at an impressionable age. Set an example of positive values, attitudes, and behaviors and maintain a confident, mature, and level-headed image via facilitated communication.

  • Actively communicate via facilitated correspondence with assigned mentees—NO direct contact information will be exchanged.

  • Participate in one (1) online training session and successful completion of online quiz—This training session will review the expectations as a mentor, AdopteeBridge policies & procedures, and a general overview of the program.

  • Commit to fully participating in 12 months (1 year) of M2M Program with a minimum of 2 mentees—as this is a remote program (not meeting in-person), it is vital to commit to fully participating for 12 months and be willing to actively correspond with your assigned mentees. Active participation must be made in order to form this relationship.

  • All volunteers are subject to successful completion of background and reference checks. Background checks are valid for a period of three years. AdopteeBridge supply applicants with the proper instructions and forms to complete. The background check form and additional item(s) requested must be returned to AdopteeBridge before a match will be made. The background check expense is covered by AdopteeBridge, but any expenses (such as identification card), must be covered by the volunteer themselves. Failure to provide the correct forms or information, or to successfully pass the background check could result from dismissal as a volunteer with AdopteeBridge.

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We will try to match mentors and mentees with the following preferences, but no guarantees can be made.
I would like a mentee from the same birth country as me
I would like a mentee who has the same interests as me
I would like a mentee with the same gender identity as me
We cannot guarantee you will be assigned to work with this age group, but will take your preference into consideration.
We ask all mentors be open to corresponding with at least 2 mentees.
Disclaimer/Terms & Conditions *
I certify I understand the background check policy and agree to provide the information necessary. I certify I understand volunteers may have contact with and access to confidential information as a result of their service to AdopteeBridge. This includes, but is not limited to adoptee, birth family, or foster family personal history or adoption story. Confidential information must never be disclosed to others or be used by volunteers for any purpose outside of the scope of the volunteer’s duties. I release AdopteeBridge of all liability of injury, death, or other damages to me that may result from my participation in the program and hold harmless any OurRoots staff, AdopteeBridge staff, Board Members, or other representatives, both collectively and individually, of any injury, physical or emotional, other than where gross negligence has been determined. I give AdopteeBridge permission to use my photographs, testimonies/quotes, or video clips, in any and all publications, including but not limited to printed and digital publications. As part of the Dear Chingu--Mentor-2-Mentee (M2M) Program, I acknowledge no direct contact will be made with my mentees. If a mentee initiates contact with me, I will report this contact to AdopteeBridge staff immediately. I certify the information I have given in this application is complete and accurate. I understand if I have misrepresented application information and/or fail to adhere to program guidelines, I may have my application approval withdrawn. I understand submitting this application does not guarantee my acceptance into the OurRoots Program, and assignment of volunteer work is at the sole and exclusive discretion of AdopteeBridge. I specifically understand and agree any volunteer relationship with AdopteeBridge may be discontinued at any time by either party for any reason not prohibited by law. By clicking "yes," OurRoots Mentor applicants have read AdopteeBridge's Disclaimer and you agree to the Terms & Conditions listed.