What is Dear Chingu?

AdopteeBridge’s “Dear Chingu” program started in 2017 between students in America and South Korea. The program has since expanded to include adoptees and students from around the world. “Dear Chingu” is named in honor of the program’s Korean roots, as the word “Chingu” means “friend” in Korean. We are proud to work with adoptees from around the world and welcome all.

There are currently two (2) branches of “Dear Chingu:

  • Student-2-Student (S2S)—the initial program that kick started it all! Students & adoptees in America (or around the world) are matched with students at partnering schools and correspond during the school year.

  • Mentor-2-Mentee (M2M)—youth adoptees are matched with adult adoptee mentors and correspondence is facilitated via AdopteeBridge through letter/email correspondence (COMING SOON).

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