Students and youth are the world’s future. Connections between American and Korean students foster global citizenship, mutual respect, cultural understanding, and peace.

"Chingu" means friend in Korean. AdopteeBridge's "Dear Chingu" program coordinates letter exchanges between American and Korean students (middle school and high school) as well as Korean adoptees in America and students in Korea ages 6-18.

Program Goals:

1.     Foster cultural awareness between Korean adoptees and students in the U.S. and students in Korea

2.     Provide motivation for adoptees and students to share and learn about their respective cultures.

3.     For Korean students to practice English

4. To gain knowledge about a culture different from one’s own

Program Outline:

  • Correspondence will be facilitated by AdopteeBridge.

  • There are two (2) sessions each year

    • Session I: March-June

    • Session II: September-January

  • A small fee of $15 per session is required to cover the AdopteeBridge costs of editing, coordinating companion writers and ensuring safety of the participants*

    • A total of 6 exchanges will be sent (3 from adoptee, 3 from student at partnering Korean school) per session (Session I: March-June; Session II: September-January)

    *If financial limitations should prevent you from participating, please contact us:

My boys truly enjoy hearing from their Chingus and it fosters great conversations about their amazing birthplace!

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