Korea Tour
Korea Tour

Summer 2019

Tour I: Sejong Tour
June 11th*-June 21st
(opt. ext. June 21st-June 24th)

(opt. extension to Gangwon Province—home of 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics!)

*depart U.S. June 10th

Tour II: Seondeok Tour
June 25th*-July 6th
(opt. ext. July 6th-July 9th)

(opt. extension to Jeju Island!)

*depart U.S. June 24th

Fall 2019

Tour III: Cheonsa Tour
November 2019

(opt. extension to Gwangju)


All Bridge to Korea Birthland Tours include:

  • Visit to adoptees' individual Korean adoption agencies

  • Cooking experience

  • Hiking opportunities

  • Discussion with single mothers

  • Folk Village

  • Bullet train travel

  • Connections with other adoptees and families!

  • Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

  • Hanbok shopping

  • Korean sports activity/game

  • Visit children's care facility

  • Travel outside of Seoul

  • Outdoor markets

  • Breakout chat sessions

  • Supportive Post Adoption Pathways


  • Buddhist temple visit

  • Korean karaoke (noraebang)

  • Supportive and knowledgable staff in the U.S. and Korea

  • ...and much more!

Being able to go back to South Korea was an amazing, unforgettable opportunity! I not only loved seeing the country, my hometown, and the culture, but I also loved getting to know the adoptees and their families. I definitely will return in the future. I am so glad and grateful I was able to go back.
— Adult adoptee
It was an incredible experience and it is the people connections that this tour provides that makes it unique…this was a healing and positive experience for our daughters.
— Adoptive parent