African & African-American

African/Caribbean Heritage Camp (ACHC) 
African/aribbean Heritage Camp (ACHC) celebrated its 19th year in 2017 and remains one of the few camps of its kind in the country. Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families developed ACHC for families who adopted:

  • African American and bi-acial children

  • African children (from Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and other African nations)

  • Haitian or other Caribbean children

Every year at camp, ACHC incorporates the roots of African culture into programming for all ages. Families celebrate and strive to highlight the different birth countries of campers, but also the similarities among adopted children of color in transracial families is what really bonds us. It is that connection — with other families, cultural heritage, the greater community, and role models — that makes a lasting difference.
Denver, CO

Sometimes called an adoption heritage camp, UMOJA MN and UMOJA INC. will empower trans-racial families (primarily families with black children and parents of another culture) to raise children who will have a positive black identity, be able to talk about race in an honest and open way, feel comfortable in all different cultures & handle basic skin and hair care. We will do that by providing a powerful weekend experience for the entire family, which will include child programming, adult learning opportunities, age appropriate breakout sessions and large group cultural celebrations.

C.O.F.F.E.E. Heritage Camp
C.O.F.F.E.E., an acronym for Central Oregon Friends and Families of Ethiopian Ethnicity, was founded by a Bend family who adopted twin boys from Ethiopia back in 2008.  They are a growing, eclectic group of families striving to raise strong, proud Ethiopian children, and hope this camp brings a rich experience to ALL participants, forge new friendships, and creates lasting memories!  It is a 2 night/3 day camp and open to all Ethiopian, Ethiopian-American, and Ethiopian adoptive families and friends.
Sisters, OR

East Cost Ethiopian Culture Camp 
The East Coast Ethiopian Culture Camp (known simply as ECC) is a weekend-long family camp designed for Ethiopian/Ethiopian-American families to connect with their heritage, culture, and traditions together with other families doing the same. Held annually on the campus of the University of New England ECC) began in 2006. ECC was started by parents of Ethiopian adoptive children to connect them with their Ethiopian heritage, and the traditions and customs of their home country. The camp attracts Ethiopian and Ethiopian-American families and relies on the collective knowledge, wisdom and energy of our community. Through classes, sports, and movies, ECC shares learning, facilitates cultural awareness, and creates a haven for long-lasting friendships. Camp runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, and allows both Ethiopian-American and Ethiopian adoptive families a weekend of activities connecting them with Ethiopian culture. Among the session offerings at camp are language, culture and cooking classes, eskista (shoulder-dancing) lessons, programs for children and teens geared to specific age groups, endless games of soccer, Ethiopian movies, music, singing, hair-braiding and unending impromptu gatherings. Saturday night there is an Ethiopian Banquet and dance.
Biddeford, ME

Ethiopian Heritage & Culture Camp
A family-oriented, 3 nights/4 day camp offers an authentic, cultural experience for the entire family. This four day long camp will have lots of fun activities, while offering educational and self-improvement opportunities for everybody. Families are encouraged to take advantage of all the activities available, which are all age-appropriate and will appeal to parents, as well as youngsters. In addition to language and cultural awareness classes, we will also have seminars and conferences designed to help parents in raising children in a multicultural environment. There will also be programs for the entire family - such as singing, dancing (Eskista), camp fire, a special movie, ever-growing Gebeya (market), Ethiopian coffee ceremony under a beautiful outdoor setting, and group meals. There is built-in free time for exploring great outdoor activities, such as canoe rides, volleyball, swimming, etc., or just relaxing with family and friends. 
Harrisonburg, VA (2-hour drive from D.C./Baltimore, MD)


Camp Friendship China NJ
Camp Friendship China was founded in 2007 by the parents of Chinese-born adopted children, and had a very successful inaugural year at camp in 2008. Camp is organized and run by those same volunteer parents because they believe that such an experience would enhance their children's self-esteem while building a sense of national pride in their heritage and its traditions. Camp Friendship China is a one-week day camp for Chinese-born adoptees and their siblings entering grades K through eighth. Campers participate in in a variety of activities including music, dance, language, art, martial arts, and cooking.
Stirling, NJ

Chinese Heritage Camp
Chinese Heritage Camp was one of the first camps in the country exclusively created for families with children adopted from China. It is one of the 11 camps facilitated by the highly respected Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families. Chinese Heritage Camp offers programs for infants through high school. This will be the 22nd year families from across the country meet in Colorado to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese culture and share their adoption stories. This camp regularly fills up quickly with a waiting list, and the camp has grown along with Chinese adoptees, now boasting a large group of high school campers and our first wave of adopted Chinese counselors!
Fraser, CO AND Denver, CO

Our Camp China
Camp China is for families with Children from China. It is a weekend summer heritage camp designed for the entire family. Camp China is held annually in Western North Carolina at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, NC. While the emphasis is on the kids, Camp China provides programs that include parents and siblings. Camp China helps children understand and feel proud of their heritage and their adoptions. Campers are grouped by grade (K-2, 3 - 4, 5 - 8) and attend sessions where they have fun participating in activities such as dancing and singing, creating works of art, and playing Chinese games. While the children are in their breakout sessions, adults may attend workshops designed to continue learning about their children’s heritage and many phases of adoption. Adoption oriented workshops are woven into the schedule alongside cooking and Tai Chi workshops. The bonds children form at Camp China often lead to friendships that continue long after the camp’s last event. From arrival night to closing night, the event will be one you and your family will treasure forever. Many children who attend camp for years choose become camp counselors when they get older.
Black Mountain, NC


Camp Choson
Camp Choson is a Korean culture camp designed for Korean-American children, youth and their families.  Camp was originally started for Korean adoptees, but has grown to include Korean-Americans from all family backgrounds.  Camp Choson is held annually, typically over the Fourth of July week.  Resident Camp (grades 7-11) is six days, while Day Camp (K-6 grade) is five days.
Forest Lake, MN

Camp Friendship NJ
Camp Friendship was founded in 1984 by the parents of Korean adopted children in order to provide a cultural experience for their children. They believed that such an experience would enhance their children's self-esteem while building a sense of national pride in their heritage and it's traditions. Camp Friendship operates a one-week day camp during the summer for Korean-born adoptees and their siblings entering grades k through eighth. Camp is held during the third week of each July and takes place at the Shrine of St. Joseph in Stirling, NJ, which is about 40 minutes from New York City. Camp ends each year with a traditional Korean banquet for our campers, instructors, volunteers and selected guests. Following the luncheon, the children put on a short performance for their families and all attendees demonstrating what they've learned during the week. Each grade is involved in a part of the performance. Children are encouraged to dress up and wear their hanboks if appropriate.
Stirling, NJ

Camp Moon Hwa
Camp Moon-Hwa is a Korean culture camp held yearly in Rochester, Minnesota. This year camp will be held once again at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in northwest Rochester with some activities elsewhere in Rochester and the surrounding area.
Rochester, MN

Kamp Kimchee
Kamp Kimchee is a week-long family day camp. Held annually, Kamp is traditionally hosted the second week of July (Monday - Friday). Our current location is the Baxter Elementary School in Baxter, MN, which is just 5 miles west of Brainerd. Classes are offered for children ranging in age from 4-years old through 12th grade. Nursery services are available for younger siblings. Special daily programming is also provided for Kamp parents. At Kamp Kimchee we welcome and encourage all siblings to participate in Kamp, even if they are not of Korean origin or adopted. We feel the experiences they have at Kamp will be invaluable when it comes to growing up in a transracial family. At its core, Kamp Kimchee is a Korean culture day camp designed for children adopted from Korea. Beyond that, Kamp Kimchee provides Korean-American children with a sense of common identity. It fosters positive self-esteem, and allows their families - siblings, parents, relatives, etc. - to connect with other transracial families. Throughout the years, our Kamp has hosted Korean adoptees, parents and siblings of adoptees, children of adoptees, and children with Korean heritage.
Brainerd, MN

K.A.M.P. (Korean Adoption Means Pride)
KAMP is a 2 1/2 day long camp for Korean adoptees and their families. KAMP is sponsored by Iowans for International Adoption (IIA), a non-profit organization with members in Iowa and surrounding states who have adopted children internationally. KAMP  provides fun and enjoyment for the entire family. Toddlers and pre-school children meet to play together each day. Young people from kindergarten through high school are exposed to Korean culture through music, dance, language, etiquette, and games. Parents are not left out of KAMP activities. Every year there are speaker sessions about Korea, travel, and topics relating to adoption, and Korean cooking. In addition, parents have the opportunity to share their experience with others who have also been blessed by adoption. KAMP helps children understand their heritage and it builds friendships that will last a lifetime. During the camp, Korean culture classes are taught to all the campers. These classes include: Korean cooking, dancing, language, Tae Kwon Do, and arts & crafts.Pe
Pella, IA

Korean Culture Camp of Minnesota (KCC)
For a great week of Korean culture, history, language, art, dance, martial arts, and food! KCC is a non-profit organization entering its thirty-second year. Our family of current and former campers, teen helpers, teachers, and volunteers continues to grow. Our campers include adoptees and their siblings, children of former adoptees, first-generation Korean Americans and their children, and anyone interested in learning more about the Korean culture. KCC was created to give children exposure to their Korean culture and heritage instilling a greater sense of their cultural identity and ethnic diversity. We provide a diverse, challenging and fun curriculum for our campers which includes: learning about Korean culture, history, and language; participating in self-esteem classes; Tae Kwon Do and traditional Korean dances; singing Korean music and the Korean National anthem. 
Bloomington, MN
cindyhansonkcc (at)

Korean Heritage Camp
Fun family activities are shared together starting on a Thursday afternoon, followed by a family BBQ, and an always amazing Opening Ceremony. Friday morning then starts with workshops and activities. The Korean immersion activities and workshops are for all age groups at camp, and there are several parent workshops. Everyone works together to make camp successful, so there are many opportunities to get to know other families that share in the adoption experience. 
Fraser, CO

Latin America

La Semana
La Semana is a weeklong culture day-camp for children in elementary through high school adopted from Latin America and their family members. Different from traditional summer camps, La Semana is designed to promote self-esteem and foster an understanding of Latin American culture and history.
Lakeville, MN
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Latin American Heritage Camp
Latin American Heritage Camp in Colorado is one of the few camps of its kind in the country, designed specifically for families with children adopted from Central and South America, as well as those of Hispanic heritage adopted within the United States. It is one of 9 camps facilitated by the highly respected Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families non-rofit organization. Latin American counselors serve as role models and mentors to the children as they participate with them in cultural classes while adult family members attend cultural and adoption related workshops ranging from Latin American cooking and customs to the blessings and challenges inherent in our adoptive families. Every year at camp we incorporate the roots of Latin American culture into our programming for all ages, exploring different aspects of this vast and amazing culture each year, while highlighting the distinct countries and regions where the children at camp were born.
Fraser, CO

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